Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dresses, skirts, matchy-matchy, and a haircut

I ran into my friend the other day, who was dressed so cute, and matching her adorable son, so I had to share their outfits with you. Would you believe that she didn't do this matchy-matchy on purpose? It just happened. (The Rookie likes to do that with me and play it off like it was an accident, but I know he secretly does it on purpose.)

She is wearing a Shade clothing top, her sweater and boots are from Target, and her skirt is by Billabong. Her sweet boy is wearing a Carters shirt, and his pants are from Target.

I wore this dress to church on Sunday, for the final time this pregnancy. It was nice while my tummy grew, but now I am getting to that stage where I can no longer stretch into my forgiving regular clothes, and I have to bite the bullet and wear maternity clothes.

We'll see...

My dress is from Forever21, and my shoes are from Target. I love wearing this dress with nude heels, but that is definitely not happening any more...for a while.

This next outfit is my Target special. My Sweater, Extra Long Tank, and Skirt  are all from Target. (Target had some amazing Maxi Skirts last spring. This is one of those. But you had to be on it like a hawk to score one, because they were sold out so fast.  Just giving you a heads up so you can keep a look out this season.) My shoes are Rainbow Sandals, my ring is from Stella and Dot, and my Necklace is from Mexico. Here is a post all about this necklace. How I got it, and the dream I had about it. It is a crazy story that you won't want to miss. Just sayin'.

I wore this outfit to take LG to get his haircut today. Our good friend works at a salon down by the beach, and she is the only person I trust to cut his hair.

He was not nearly as thrilled as I was, that he was getting a haircut.

So afterward we took a walk down to the water. That plus a sucker seemed to do the trick, at least until it was time to walk back. He screamed "water water" as we walked away. He was so sad to leave it. Frankly I don't blame him. I haven't been in the water in weeks, and it makes me so sad. 

Apparently doctors frown on pregnant people surfing after 20 weeks. (As if I could fit a wet-suit over this bump right now.) So we cried together and walked slowly back to our car.

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