Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's OK to Wait and Wish

It's OK 

...that I never really got "baby hungry" again after LG was born.

...that I just wanted my kids to be born close together because I liked being close in age to my siblings.

...that The Rookie convinced me months ago, that we should wait until the baby is born to find out if it is a boy or a girl.

...that he changed his mind a couple weeks later. But it was too late because I was already on board.

...that every time we have an ultra sound, we tell the Ultrasound Tech not to let us know the gender. Then we both sit there with our eyes glued to the screen, hoping that we will accidently see a gender discerning body part.

...that I want this child in my belly to be a boy. 

...that I have actually said to my close friends "There is now way in heck a girl is coming out of my body".

...that my close friends have asked me (with sincere and concerned looks on their faces) if I am going to cry in the delivery room if this baby comes out a girl.

...that one of the reasons that I am waiting to find out the gender until the baby comes, is that if it is a girl, I don't want to know until I have to.

...that one of my best girlfriends is having a baby girl, six weeks before I am due, and that she wants my baby to be a girl too, so they can be besties.

...that she is the only person that I will allow to tell me that she hopes my baby is a girl.

...that buying her baby shower gift made me want to buy an entire baby girl wardrobe. (Have you seen the spring line for baby girls at The Gap and Target right now? I die.)


...that I told the Rookie that if this baby is in fact a girl, he will have to shell out one thousand dollars, so that I can buy her a proper wardrobe which I can be happy with.

...that he just laughed at me.

...that I am serious. If he didn't want to do so, then he shouldn't have married a fashion designer. 

...that we could never afford it even if he let me.

...that despite all this, I still hope it's a boy.

My Little Giant when he was still little.
Photo by Tegyn Friedman Photography

...that this baby is measuring much smaller than my Little Giant did in utero.

...that this baby is still bigger than average, so we will see if it is another giant, or a normal height baby.

Either way though, short, tall, girl, boy, I am getting so stoked to meet this kid. So it's OK.

11 more weeks to go...

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  1. So fun! I hope it's a boy too. I really love having 2 boys close in age. They are buddies and I hope they always will be. But you know, girls have their good qualities too. Like drama and clothing preferences and hair that needs doing and screaming. ;) I am happy that I have a girl too and you will be an amazing mama no matter what gender this baby is! Can't believe you are getting so close! Yay!

    1. Thanks Shannon! I really hope I get to have two boys so close together. But lets be honest, I live in fear of girl drama. I have enough of that by myself. Thanks for the compliment, you are too good to me.
      It sure doesn't feel like this baby is coming soon though. It still feels like forever away.

  2. I hope it's a girl, because that's all I know, but either way it will be fun to have our littles play together!! I love you, friend! :-)

    1. Bite your tongue sister. I want a boy. Buuuuuut I do love the thought of our kids playing together. Love you too.

  3. That is too funny... per the hubs, I am not allowed to have girls. If I do he said he will put them back... or in a medically induced coma from 13-21 yrs. ROFL

    1. That is hilarious Nichole. Tell him that medical science claims that it is the sperm that determines the gender, so if it is a girl, he will have no one to blame but himself.

  4. Either way, I'm sure your little babe will be gorgeous! I mean really with parents like you and the rookie...lets just say if its a girl your hubby needs to get a gun for the teenage years. And if you are blessed with another'll be loud, messy and dirty but amazing just the same!

    1. Thanks Angela!
      If this baby is a girl, do you wanna trade?

  5. That is so funny considering the first time around you hoped for a girl and I remember before you knew you even bought some headbands. Boy or girl it will still be the hardest job ever :), but you will do great!

    1. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. I do love shopping for girl clothes. Thanks for reminding me that it is the hardest job ever, almost forgot about that too.