Share your Word Vomit Story

Do you suffer from Word Vomit as well? Here's your chance to share your story in a safe supportive environment. (Wellllllll as safe and supportive as the internet can be.)

Please send the story of your experience to: with the words "Word Vomit" in the subject line.

Please be sure to include all pertinent details, as well as what you were thinking at the time of the blunder, so that we can all feel the extent of your embarrassment as we read it.

Also please only submit stories of your own Word Vomit commission. I am sure that others you know have this disease, and that you yourself have been offended by their words, but we don't want to hear about it. We want to hear from those who suffer from this disease themselves.

If you are a Blogger, or have an online shop, or something I can share for you, please also include a link to it in your email. So that we can all become your support group, as you strive to live a normal life despite this awful disease.