Monday, December 24, 2012

The Night Before Christmas

I am sitting here wrapping gifts. It is late on this Christmas Eve Night. My thoughts turn to the event that I am preparing to celebrate tomorrow. 

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The birth of Jesus Christ.

In this time of my life, this time of early motherhood, my thoughts turn to Mary. 

I wonder how she felt traveling to Bethlehem to deliver her child. I wonder how she handled riding on the back of a donkey while she was so great with child.

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It was difficult for me to travel by car to the hospital to deliver my son. Every bump in the road, each moment that passed, brought more strain on my tired body. 

I can only imagine how difficult her journey must have been. And then how agonizing her labor was, in such humble circumstances.

I wonder how she felt when her Child was born. I wonder how it felt to be filled with the love of the the one she held, the Son of God

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I remember the moment when my son was born. I have never felt so much immediate love from someone. It was as if he already new me, and was so glad to be safe in my arms. 

I wonder how she must have felt to be chosen for this mission. I wonder if she felt the weight of the responsibility she had been given, to raise this child to be the Savior of the World. 

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I feel so much responsibility to teach my own son the things that I know to be right and good. It is tough to read the scriptures with him each day when sometimes he screams and wriggles out of my arms, trying to escape having to sit and listen. 

It is tough for me to maintain the discipline to pray with him each night, to force myself to gather our little family and kneel down together before bed, when I am already so tired. But the more I try, the more successful we are becoming together.

I am so grateful for this sweet Mother, Mary. For her obedience, for all all that she endured, and that she accomplished her work as the Mother of the Son of God. 

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Somehow knowing that she did, makes my work as a Mother feel a little more bearable, and a lot more important.

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