Saturday, December 29, 2012

If This Is What Hell Feels Like, I Will Never Sin Again

I wrote this several months ago when it was ridiculously hot in California, and now feeling how cold it is outside, it makes me laugh to think about how hot it was when I wrote it.

It is the middle of August, the air conditioning in our apartment is broken, and the sun shines right into the windows all afternoon, just baking my whole apartment.  It is 93 degrees INSIDE my apartment right now.

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(Pretty sure this guy knows what I'm talking about.)  

I am just a few weeks pregnant and experiencing early onset nausea.  (Which I am sure is from the heat.)

To handle the heat, me and LG are sitting at the kitchen table eating crushed ice, and playing on the computer.  I am puttering around on my Blog, while he watches French Cartoons on Youtube. (Because if I am just going to sit around and let my kid watch cartoons all day, I at least want them to be somewhat educational.) 

If I felt better, maybe we could go play in a pool, or go to the beach, but I literally feel like I have the flu with a side of hot flashes.

As I am sitting here, the thought occurs to me;

'This is what Hell must feel like.  
Hot, helpless, and nauseating.  
And if this is what Hell feels like, 
I will never sin again.'

I am pretty sure that vow to never sin again lasted about a day, before someone cut me off while driving and choice thoughts/words occurred in their honor. So, despite my disdain for unbearable heat, I still may end up in Hell after all.

But at least I know what the weather will be like.


  1. hahaha!! Oh man--I never do complain about heat, but the cold really gets me. We all have our weaknesses. I grew up on the equator and we didn't have any airconditioning either. It did get pretty bad if the electricity was out and fans didn't work....but I still think being cold constantly like I am now in the winter is much, much worse.

    1. Holy crap, the Equator! That must have been terrible and awesome. I'm not really a fan of extreme cold either. It's 50 degrees Celsius in California right now, and I'm all sitting here sipping soup, cuddled up in a blanket with my kid, thinking it's too cold to go to the park today.