Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Best Line Ever -Pregnancy

This Amazing Pregnancy One Liner Comes to us from ABC's Television Series, Modern Family

Jay: "You just woke up, how are you tired?"

Gloria: "Maybe because I’m turning food into a human!"

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I already used this line at a party.

...what, you think I come up with this stuff on my own?  Even Standup Comedians have writers. 

Sometimes when you hear a good one, you just gotta keep it in your back pocket in case you need a quick laugh...or in case you need to bug your husband.

Here is a link to the episode.

You're welcome.

Don't you hate it when people say You're welcome when you never even thanked them?  Me too. Pretentious punks.

Oh but you will have to try Hulu Plus  in order to watch it. Cause it has been too long since it aired. So, I take back that "You're Welcome", and offer you a:

Sorry about that.

But the line is still pretty freakin' hilarious.

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