Wednesday, December 19, 2012

These Are My Recreational clothes

Can I just tell you how much I love that line...and that entire movie. I love it. This is the reason that I made it the title of my 'What I Wore' post.

And By the way...These are my recreational clothes:

This was basically my college uniform. Because I wore this exact thing every day in college, and then every day after that until I was about 27.

Annnnnnd sometimes I still wear it on days like this day.

Days when I am out of clean laundry. And my sister (who recently gave birth) still has all my good maternity clothes all the way out in LA. Which she is obviously too busy to return with a new baby and all. And I am obviously to lazy to drive out there, all worn out from growing a human and chasing a the only (clean) shirt on this day, that would cover my belly is my Lost T-Shirt.

And then because I was wearing a T-shirt, I had to wear my checkered Vans. (My favorite recreational shoes) And then of course I needed a good hoodie. So out came the softest most comfy one I own, which happens to be made by Hurley. Top that off with some O'Neill jeans (which I did the maternity waistband trick with so I could still wear them with my baby belly)

And there we have my Recreational Clothes. AKA my "College Uniform". Super comfy and reincarnated for one day only.

Can you tell that I used to work in the Surf Fashion industry, and that I used to only shop at surf shops and sample sales?

So many brands.

If I were 14 years old I would be so cool.

Buuuut I'm 30.

At any rate this was a good outfit for the occasion which was a first birthday party in the park for my best friends' son. I guess that means that if I like you, I will dress up for your kids party, but if I really like you, I will wear my Recreational Clothes.

Moving on...

I wore this outfit to a Christmas Party with my girlfriends. The Flowy Shirt is a Forever21 gem. I love flowy shirts that I can wear, baby belly or no baby belly. The Jeggings are also from Forever21. They are not Maternity wear either. They are just regular Jeggings, but I pulled the elastic out of the waist when I was pregnant with my Little Giant so I could still wear them. Cause that's how I roll.

The Boots are from Target. The necklace was made by my sister at the Rock and Gem Show/event thing, that we went to with 4-H, in like 1991 or something. Does that make it vintage? 

Please say no. 

I am not ready for things from my childhood to be considered vintage. I am still ticked off that the local "Oldies" station is now also playing 80's music. I was born in the 80's. I am not old. So why do they play the music of my childhood? Is nothing sacred anymore? 

I think I am going to write them a letter filled with disdain for this jerk move they are pulling, trying to make young adults feel old.

And now, back to what I wore...oh yeah, the undershirt was from Layers Clothing, which I think is out of business, but you can find similar undershirts to wear under transparent flowy shirts here.

I wore this outfit to Church. I love Maxi Dresses.  While I am pregnant especially. This one is from O'Neill. The sweater is from somewhere, but I can't remember. It's just a plain black 3/4 sleeve cardi. 

The necklace is from Ensenada, Mexico. Remind me to tell you about the craziest dream I ever had which happened because I bought this necklace at a flea market in Mexico. 

You can really see the ombre in my hair color in this photo. I love this trend. Best way to blend my roots into the color I wish I still had. Jackie at Salon 9 in the Orange Circle is the greatest stylist, and gave me exactly the ombre I asked for. Love that girl, and her talent for coloring hair.

Wait, is it just me or did my belly get huge over the course of the last week? 

Oh my gosh it did.

Guess I better get to LA, and pick up my good maternity clothes.


Linking up with The Pleated Poppy Today for What I Wore Wednesday. So go check out the other rad outfits that people are wearing. If you are into fashion, or blogs, or that sort of thing.


  1. ohmygosh! love that line as well, im still laughing!
    look at what a beautiful mother (of one in a half kids) you are! :)
    im newly following you from wiww- so glad to have found ya in your rec clothes!! :)
    have a great day, come visit me when ya have time

    1. I know right. And Thank you! Welcome to my Blog, I hope you continue to enjoy it!

  2. I love that second blouse- so pretty!


  3. Holey crap, I JUST saw you and your belly wasn't that big!! I can't wait to meet baby!

    p.s. lets do lunch after Christmas!

    1. Isn't that crazy?!? Me either.

      OK, have your people call my people.

  4. I really like the cream top on you - I want to for my not pregnant body! ;)

    1. Thank you! So sweet.
      I got it at Forever21. I love that place. It's like going on a treasure hunt. You have to dig through tons of stuff in order to find the treasures, but they are worth it when you find 'em.

  5. You always look stylish and gorgeous! Baby belly or no. I love maxi dresses too, but they are always waay too long on me. If you ever find one made for little people send the link my way. :) Also they just put in a Vans outlet by me. I am in need of new shoes. Just sayin.

    1. Thank you! You are pretty stylish yourself Shan.

      Here is a dress I adore right now, that would work on a shorter figure.

      And this one is viscose so it would be super simple to hem:

      So stoked for you to get a Vans Outlet! Awesome.