Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blog Launch Party Giveaway

Photo by my friend Mac
Well Party People, today is the last day of the Blog Launch Party. In honor of Awards Season, here is my acceptance speech.

First I would like to thank my readers and followers. You guys are awesome. Thank you for reading and following, and commenting on my Blog. You have no idea how much it means to me, but it really means a great deal. I like you almost as much as I like Pinterest.

I want to thank my Husband for supporting my Blogging habit, even though he sometimes reads my Blog, and then uses the things I write, to tease me. 

I want to thank my friends and family for telling me that I am funny, even when most of the time they don't laugh at my jokes in person. I would like to thank my experienced Blogger friends for answering all my questions, and for telling me that they like my post ideas, even though my ideas are often awkward and/or offensive.

I want like to thank my cable guy for figuring out that the reason things weren't working properly that time, was because my neighbor's cable guy spliced our line, thus robbing us, and causing signal complications. You're the best Alfonzo.

I'd like to thank my sister for her encouragement, and for being willing to edit my posts for me when I needed her to. Oh and also for helping me figure out my Blog name, and for taking photos for me. And for reading my posts and pretending to laugh at the jokes in front of me, so I could build up my confidence.  

I want to thank my Mom for always encouraging me in whatever I want to pursue, and for teaching me that I have abilities above what I perceive in myself.

Finally, I would like my Little Giant for allowing me to fill my Facebook and Instagram with pictures of him. Even though, after these past 30 days of straight posting, he is so sick of getting his picture taken, that he refuses to smile, or look at me when I have the camera out.

Now, On to the giveaway!

As stated in the Blog Party Banner which has been on my page for the past 30 days, all new GFC Followers are automatically entered in a giveaway which takes place today 1/13/13!

(When you read this next part could you please read it to yourself in the announcers voice from The Price Is Right? I would really appreciate it, because that's how I was thinking it when I wrote it.)

So here it is. One Lucky new Google Friend Connect Follower is about to win their choice of either...

1. A $20 gift card to any store or restaurant they wish! Amazon, Itunes, Zoolilly, Target, McDonalds... (just kidding, well OK, not really). Whatever store they want! 

(Still reading in the Announcer's voice? Good)


2. Two months of Free Large add space on this here Blog! This will only be appealing to other bloggers but that's OK!

I know what I would choose! Lets see what they will choose.

(Do you like how I didn't mention what the giveaway was for until right now? Yeah that wasn't some elaborate scheme or anything, it was because I had no clue what I was going to give away until this morning. How do you like them apples?)

And the winner is...

Leisure M.

Congratulations! I just sent you an email on how to claim your Prize! 

If you do not respond to the email within 5 days I will keep the gift card for myself and buy Pancakes, because that's what I'm into right now. 

Or...I guess I will pick another winner. 

5 days Leisure M, so get on it and claim your prize!

Disclaimer: Should the winner go for the gift card option, whichever store they chose must have giftcards available for purchase either online, or in the Southern California area.

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  1. Thank you! I dont remember receiving an email. A lot of things go to my spam folder. Im sorry. You can emaik me at i will be on the lookout for this email.