Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's OK

Photo by Dawn Altier Photography
It's OK...

...that I just started my third trimester, and I am having intense Braxton Hicks Contractions + serious back pain all day long.

...that my Dr. told me to limit my on-my-feet-activity to 4-6 hours per day. And that now I have to go to physical therapy. And all manner of other instructions that are equally inhibiting.

...that taking a shower and getting myself and my Little Giant dressed and read for our day takes over an hour.

...that potty training takes about a total of an hour of being on my feet, (well running on my feet) each day.

...that making lunch and taking care of all the little things that LG needs throughout the day takes about another hour or more.

...that prepping for and making dinner takes another hour.

...that that leaves me to choose between exercise, washing dishes, grocery shopping, taking LG to the park, doing laundry, straightening up my house, cleaning, or having a dance party, for the last two hours of on-my-feet time every day. Which means that most of those things don't happen regularly.

...that sometimes my shower gets sacrificed for something else.

...that we only have enough milk to get us through tomorrow morning's sippy cup. So tomorrow has to be grocery day or else.

...that I am thinking about ordering my groceries and having them delivered to my house, even though I should not spend the extra money on that. Because at least it would be one less thing that I have to worry about.

...that my Little Giant could not be happier with this new arrangement, because all we do now is hang out together, watch shows, and play with his toys on the floor. And that I am finding new joy in focusing so much on playing with him, and only what he needs.

...that it took me having to slow my life down to figure that out.

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...that my back hurts, and that my baby belly hurts. Because one day soon, I will get a new sweet little baby to love. And my Little Giant will get a partner in crime, and The Rookie will get another kid to tickle and chase, and teach to say funny things. And watching him with our kids is one of my favorite parts of having a family.

Photo by Tegyn Friedman Photography

So, it's OK.

Linking up with A Complete Waste Of Makeup today, for It's OK Thursday. Hop on over if you want to hear other Bloggers rationalize things in their lives, to make them feel better.

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  1. Love that blouse with the belt! too cute!!(:

    1. Thanks Kiki! I think it's Candies. I got it at Kohls.

  2. I love this "its ok" link up! what a great idea... your blog is so adorable

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    1. Thank you! It wasn't my idea, I'm just linking up with the real geniuses behind it. But it is really fun to write.
      If you click on the button, you can join in the fun. Everyone is doing it. Just kidding. But seriously, it is fun.
      Man, I shouldda been a crack dealer.