Monday, January 28, 2013

Word Vomit-Conversation With A Tree Hugging Hippie

Happy Monday. At the end of my last Word Vomit Post, I opened up this series for submissions, and have enjoyed reading the results. It is so refreshing to feel that I am not alone in my suffering. That others out there also share my disease. 

Here is a story from one of my fellow sufferers. Sarah Bluestar:

--- So there I was, a college student at a trade school, which is known for being super touchy-feely and overall pretty woo woo, ya know. So I had a TA who was, beyond being brilliant at what he taught, and probably the most knowledgeable guy in Utah on the particular subject. The epitome of a tree-hugging hippie. 


I, for whatever reason became super awkward about two sentences in to our conversation that day, and whilst frantically searching my head for the emergency exit vomited out:

"So...where do you get your hair done?"

idiot, idiot, idiot 

This man had a curly, grayish brown ponytail down to his belt tied up with thin strips of leather (or hemp, not sure!) It blended nicely into his beard actually...

He blinked a few times and said, "I don't..."

I walked off with my tail between my legs, I'm still a bit mustard yellow inside when I think about it.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us Sarah. I'm sure we can all relate. 

Well, some of us anyway.

Please support Sarah as she struggles to live a somewhat normal existence despite being plagued by this horrendous disease by visiting her blog:

You may also enjoy this beautiful Word Vomit experience shared by my friend Nichole on her Blog Yeung Mother Hubbard. "...we don't drink water... we only drink vodka." 

Still dying over reading that one.

Do you suffer from Word Vomit as well? Here's your chance to share your story in a safe supportive environment. (Wellllllll as safe and supportive as the internet can be.)

Please send the story of your experience to: with the words "Word Vomit" in the subject line.

Please be sure to include all pertinent details, as well as what you were thinking at the time of the blunder, so that we can all feel the extent of your embarrassment as we read it.

Also, please only submit stories of your own Word Vomit commission. I am sure that others you know have this disease, and that you yourself have been offended by their words, but we don't want to hear about it. We want to hear from those who suffer from this disease themselves.

If you are a Blogger, or have an online shop, or something I can share for you, please also include a link to it in your email. So that we can all become your support group, as you strive to live a normal life despite this awful disease.

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  1. What a funny topic! I'll have to think about recent word vomit I'm guilty of.

    Following you from the GFC blog hop!

    1. Thank you! And please share it, so I can feature you. I love love reading and sharing other peoples Word Vomit Stories.
      Thanks for following!

  2. Wow reading it on your blog makes it so real! Thanks for the link to the blog, it would be cool to have more than my Mom reading my blog :)!

    1. I know what you mean.
      Thanks for submitting your story. Love it. So glad we can support you through this trying disease.