Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's OK To Be Sick and Cry

Warning: Spoiler alert! If you are behind on seasons of Downton Abbey, this post might spoil a little something for you. So proceed with caution.

Now on to It's OK Thursday.

It's OK...

...that I sort of love when LG gets sick, because it is the only time ever that he wants to be held all day long. And he says cute little things like "Ah hode Mama" (I hold Mama) and "Up Peese" (Pick me up please).

...that the best thing I have ever taught him is to blow through his nose when I hold a tissue up to it. (Gross I know, but very helpful when you have a toddler with a cold.)

(By the way, it's not OK that they don't make runny nose medicine for kids under 4, or any cold medicine that is safe for pregnant women to take. You would think that if they could transplant organs, the medical world could figure this one out.)

It's OK...

...that there is Valet Parking at our doctor's office. Just one of the totally unnecessary perks of living in Orange County.

...that one time I couldn't find a parking space at the Dr's office, and instead of risking being late to our appointment, we used the Valet Parking. A little bit of my self sufficient pride died that day.

...that I cried during Downton Abbey last week.

...that this is what comes up when you type eclampsia into Google now:

...that part of the reason that I cried during that episode, was that the family on that show reminds me of my own family. Because my Dad is a stuffy traditional proper guy, my Mom is fun and cool, my older sister is stubborn and beautiful, I am kind of a B (sometimes, OK often), and my younger sister is sweet, and fun, and does whatever she wants no matter what. Annnnnnnnd my younger sister died a few years ago, so it stung a little to watch that episode.


...that I don't want to blog about that experience, because I want to keep this blog light hearted and sarcastic, not serious or sad....for now.

...that I no longer think it is so inconvenient when my OB office wants me to pee in a cup every time I go in. (Which is often when you are preggo.) Because I now I understand what they are testing for.

...that I realized recently that the amount of wild/difficult a toddler gets as he gets older, is in direct relation to how cute a toddler gets as he gets older. 

All I can say about this is, thank goodness.

...that at bed time, when LG throws a tantrum, it makes me smile. Because it is just so cute to hear him say "No! No ni-night!"

Love that kid.

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