Friday, February 1, 2013

Super Mom

The First time I met Nay, was at a Blog Conference. She was classy, and kind, and I never pictured us being friends. Not that the rest of my friends aren't classy, it's just that I thought of her as being way out of my friendship league.

Did I dig myself out of that one? Not really. Sorry friends. Moving on.

Nay as it turns out is one of the most down to earth, supportive and friendly people I have ever known. She always leaves sweet comments on my facebook posts, and likes everything. Come to think of it, I guess I do have a couple other friends like that. Maybe that is why we get along so well.

I am honored to have her guest post on my Blog today, and hope you will all pay a visit to her totally inspirational blog Coffee-n-Ink.

{yelled in that sing-song way kids do - from upstairs while I'm downstairs usually}
"Yes, baby?"
"Yes, love?"
{still patient and nice}
I stomp upstairs....thinking, "ugh! why can't she {or he, for that matter} just tell me what she wants. Why do I have to go all the way upstairs? Don't they know I'm busy?"

"Yes, baby, what do you need?"
"I love you."

It's like a jab to the heart, I tell you.
I feel so fricken awful when I'm too "busy" for my kids.  Did you see what I was thinking up there when I stomped up the stairs?
It was "what now?" not "oh, how nice, my kid(s) want/need me"...

I try so very hard to be a good momma.  I feel guilty a lot of the time that I can't be a stay-at-home mom and give them my undivided attention.  I feel bad that I have to work all day and then come home pretty darn tired and sometimes {well, who am I kidding? a lot of the time...} just wanting a few moments of quiet.  Just a few minutes...

And I hate that I'm not full energy for them when I pick them up from their long day at school and after-school care.
I hate it.

But I do the best I can with the cards I've been given. And, my best is pretty okay with them.

I'm the only momma they've got.  They love me so very much {"so much, my arms twist around, Mommy!"} and I make them happy, safe, loved, cared for...

Bottom line?
I love my kids.  More than I ever thought I could love anything or anyone in this world.  It's amazing. Yes, I get down on myself because I can't do it all. But, you know -  It's okay.  I make an effort.  I try...and that is what matters, right?

So, you!
Yes, you, the momma on the other side of this screen...
You are doing a great job.  Really.
Believe it.
Don't doubt it {and I'll try not to, either.}



  1. Woman, you are awesome ♥ Thank you for the great intro...and by the way, me classy?! lmao...NOT!
    Love your friendship and, um...I still need that stylin' makeover from you:)

  2. Love it. It's so easy to feel like most days are a mom fail, even as a stay at home mom, but we are all doing the best we can and sometimes our kids write us notes that say "Dear Mom, You are the best mom ever. I love you. For you I will watch (baby boy). Love, your oldest son." :) Those are good moments that remind us that to them we are the best. Keep on keepin on mommas! We are all doing our best and it's enough for our kids. Great post!