Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day + Funniest Day On Facebook Ever

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is the first one in a long time that I didn't really celebrate. (At least today) For Good Reason.

Instead I spent the day with this cute little fireman.

Because the Rookie has all these Rookieish things going on this week, like intense studying and then a huge test, a 48 hour shift, and another huge DMV test to get his license to drive the Fire Truck.

Needless to say he has been a little stressed out and busy this week. So we decided to postpone our Valentines Day Celebrations until next week.

He even pulled me aside the day before Valentine's Day and warned me that he hadn't gotten me anything yet, and he didn't want me to be sad when I woke up the next morning and there was no secret gift waiting for me.

Good man.

I assured him that it was no big deal, that I wasn't expecting anything, (I really wasn't) and that our Valentine's Day would be on Monday. I then proceeded to tell him that the only thing I was planning to do for him on Valentine's Day, was to wake up early and make him breakfast before he had to leave to get things done.

Then in the morning when I tried to get up early, he stopped me from getting up, and said, that I didn't need to get up, that it was OK, and that I really needed my sleep. He was right. But I protested saying that I wanted to do something nice for him. (Wow, I really am nice under all that mean exterior, shocking isn't it?) But he assured me that he would rather that I get more sleep.

Better man.

So I happily went back to sleep, mumbling as my head hit the pillow, that I would do something nice for him on Monday. Then he got up, and left for the day.

Later when I finally woke up, I found this on my bathroom counter. Sneaky husband.

Best man ever!

There was also a card for LG out in the living room, where he would find it.

Needless to say, we were stoked. It totally makes having a busy tired Rookie for a husband and daddy, all worth it.

So Babe, you done good today. I kind of like you. Happy Valentine's Day. 

Now on to the hilarious posts and memes I saw on Facebook yesterday. 


I cannot believe that the bakery didn't catch this.
Also, did you notice the magazine on the table?

Like this page

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 Hope you all enjoyed these as much as I did.

(Side note, some of the names/pictures have been edited to protect peeps (OK really to protect me from having my friends get mad at me for putting their fb status up on my Blog). But I left the names on the posts from my fellow Blogger friends. Because they are awesome, and I recommend liking their pages so you can read this stuff first hand.)

Thanks for reading,

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  1. I snort laughed at the "it's a trap". Omg. So true. Your blog makes me giggle. Can't recall how I found you, but glad I did.

    1. Wow, Thank you Lo! That is so nice of you to say.

  2. You got yourself a good man, my friend. And I love the FB statuses (stati?). My fave is the "The fact that I'm going to have ginger kids . . . " Hilarious!

    1. Thanks Shan! I always love your comments.