Monday, February 11, 2013

Word Vomit-Your Hair Looks Great!

Happy Word Vomit Monday!

The latest Word Vomit experience was submitted by a sweet girl who would like to remain anonymous. But don't worry, I know her story is legit. 

I hope you enjoy it, and that it inspires you to share your Word Vomit experiences with us as well.

"I was visiting my home town for the first time in awhile. While at church, I saw a very dear lady who I love so much, and is really nicest person ever.  (Really, you can ask anyone who knew her and they would agree.)  

Anyway, she had long straight hair and I remembered her hair usually being wavy or curly.  After church, I complimented her on how great her hair looked straight. 

She laughed and sheepishly said it was a wig.  

At which point I remembered that she was also suffering from cancer, and had probably lost her hair in horrible chemo treatments (that I had heard about, but not seeing her regularly didn't realize).  

I almost choked on the foot I had just shoved in my mouth.  

I tried to salvage my idiocy by letting her know that it looked really hot, (which it did, I wasn't lying) and I obviously didn't know it was a wig and then ran off to Sunday School to feel like an idiot in privacy.  Sheesh.

I'm pretty sure she wasn't offended, but still."

Thanks for sharing your story friend. We wish that sweet dear lady luck in her recovery, and we wish you better luck with your comments in the future.

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